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6 applications of RESILEX® Logistics - Manufacturing - Events - Catering - Refrigerating / curing - Hospital

Logistics Platform lorry | Scaffolds

The polyamide used to make thread guard and bearing element offers resistance to impacts and to standard petroleum products and solvents

Manufacturing Containers | Industrial lorries

Usage between -40°C and +85°C

Events Flight cases

With a more elastic rubber, directional changes are easier and smoother, and obstacles are negotiated with more ease.

Catering Dolly trainers | Rolls | Galley food cart

With a protective thread guard, the wheel RESILEX® has a precision ball bearing with long-life dust and splash-resistant grease

Refrigerating & Curing Cold store | Curing | Slaughter | Food production

Usage between -40°C and +85°C

Hospital Walking pharmacies | Food service trolleys | Hospital trolleys

Thanks to more elastic rubber, RESILEX® generates less noise while in motion and negotiates obstacles with ease